Terms and Conditions

Adymob Group operates in the field of advertising in Google services, social networks and advertisements that require foreign currency payments. All the activities of the Adymob website are carried out based on the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the laws of e-commerce and respecting consumer rights, and the same is expected from the users of this website.

General rules

Adymob website is allowed to edit and modify its terms and conditions at any time, but if these rules have a direct impact on the user and his decisions, he will try to inform the users of the new conditions and Give them the opportunity to react.

Obligations of users

  • The activities of AdyMob users must be in line with the laws of the Islamic Republic and be ethical. If any suspicious activity is observed, Adymob website has the right to decide to terminate cooperation with the user. If, in such a situation, an account has been created and an advertising campaign has been launched, your Google Ads account will be canceled and whenever Google returns the remaining balance of the account to Adymob’s foreign currency bank account, the user’s money will be refunded, including the exchange rate (Dahram/ lira/dollar) the same day bill and deduction of damages and expenses will be calculated and returned at the cost of AdyMob.
  • Advertising and marketing of the user should in no way lead to disturbance and financial damage to the Persian and English speaking users of the web space and should preferably be in a way that clearly defines the user’s scope of work and products/services for the audience.
  • The identity and contact information of the user must be clearly defined so that in case of any problem, it is possible to contact and follow up.

Prohibited items

  • Violating the privacy and legality of others in different ways
  • Damage to others with specific activities
  • Disturbing the order and not observing ethics in the content (obeying the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and ethical
  • standards and observing the principle of good faith)
  • Criminal cases according to the Islamic Penal Code, computer crimes, electronic commerce and other laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Any activity in order to infiltrate the AdyMob database
  • Joking or insulting a race, ethnicity, religion, nationality or gender discrimination
  • Content with scientific claims, without providing reliable sources
  • Unverifiable and misleading content
  • Sites with content that violates Google’s rules


  • For a refund, it is necessary that your user profile information is completed and verified, the Sheba and card information entered matches the payment card, and the account details match the verified user in AdyMob.
  • If, for any reason, the AdyMob website is not able to provide the services mentioned on its products and services page, or if your ads are in conflict with Google’s terms and rules, if the account is not created in the continuation of the advertising campaign. Adymob collection is obliged to return the amount received from the user in full.
    However, in the event that the user decides to cancel the cooperation, the Adymob website is only obliged to return the money if the activity has not started, and if the work has started, the decision regarding the return of the money is entirely the responsibility of this website and no There is no commitment in this regard.

Important: According to the announcement of the police of Fata c. A. In Iran, refunds regarding paragraph 9 “prohibited items” will be made within 10 to 15 working days and compliance with tax and money laundering regulations.

Rules related to online advertising

  1. Site conditions: Google robots must be able to index your site, so your pages must not be on no index mode, your pages must not be redirected, and you must not use dynamic DNS that changes the site content.
  2. Unauthorized content: site advertisements and Telegram applications, Instagram likes and followers, religious and political advertisements, betting, buying and selling VPN (filter breaker), sexual health products, dating, completing a thesis and dissertation doctoring, fake portals (phishing), advertisements related to fake products and use of brand names, document production (selling documents) and renting documents, advertisements promoting violence (animal abuse and hunting videos), any advertisements related to firearms and cold, advertisements related to alcoholic beverages and drugs, links for cooperation in sales (affiliate marketing), hacked software or hacking training, buying and selling of various cryptocurrencies, drug addiction camps, sites related to investment and providing loans Ads related to medicines are not approved by Google without the necessary permission.
  3. The history of the site and previous advertising experience: If there is a history of penalties, hacking, security issues, or system problems and malicious coding for your site or advertising account (for example, Google Ads account), or if your account has previously been used in any If it is blocked (Suspend) for some reason, you need to inform AdyMob support. Otherwise, the customer is responsible for all cases.
  4. Changing the account and even the domain again to receive the Google promotion code
  5. If another account with the requested domain is active at the same time, the account will be suspended and the customer is responsible for this.
  6. Non-use of account: If your ads are inactive from Google for more than 15 months, your account will be canceled by Google and the account balance will be returned to AdyMob’s foreign currency bank account. In this case, the refund of the user’s money is calculated by taking into account the currency rate (dirham/lira/dollar) of the same day and deducting damages and expenses at the cost of AdyMob.
  7. Health and medicine field: According to Google’s strict rules regarding advertisements related to medical services, be sure to send your information via call, online chat, or WhatsApp to the supporters of AdyMob collection before purchasing.
  8. Blocking of accounts: If your account is blocked for any reason (except for payment related cases), the customer is fully responsible for this issue, and only if the money is returned from Google, the remaining balance will be settled with you. including account blocking errors:
  • Unauthorized access and activity
  • Circumventing systems
  • Coordinated deceptive practices
  • Unacceptable business practices


You can read more information in Google Ads account suspension

Important: If an order is likely to be blocked due to Google’s rules, AdiMob will try to inform the orderer as soon as possible and cancel the order.

Payment type of accounts

  • Manual Payment: In these types of accounts, you will be notified via email and SMS after the balance is exhausted, and your ads will be stopped by Google with the Balance exhausted error. In manual payment accounts, you can have standard level access to the account, but receiving or not receiving the promotion code is not certain.

    Automatic Payment: In this type of account, after the Google balance is exhausted, it allows you to spend more than the amount of the balance according to the credit of the AdiMob bank account. In order to avoid using more accounts, a script will be set on your account so that your campaigns will stop when the charge is finished.
    Keep in mind that your access is at the supervisor level (read only).

Rules related to monetizing YouTube income

To earn money from YouTube, your channel must meet the following conditions:

  • Have at least 1000 followers (subscribers).
  • During the last 12 months, your videos have at least 4000 hours (watch time) or have been viewed.
  • The channel should not have Copyright Strike or Community Guidelines Strike. (If this warning is on
  • your channel, it must be fixed.)
  • Your channel and content must be aware of and follow the YouTube Partner Program rules.
  • You must enable the two-step verification option.

The reference is YouTube rules and regulations.

Keep in mind that the AdiMob collection only cooperates with 100% content produced by YouTubers, and React content, contrary to ethical rules, hidden cameras, and in general using other people’s content in any way in videos are red line cases and all YouTubers They are obliged to follow these things.

Income deposit

YouTube’s income will be deposited into Adimob’s foreign currency account in 21-26 months, which will be settled in Rials with YouTuber between 3-7 working days after the date of deposit.

Important: The AdSense account is not owned by a specific person and is connected to YouTuber’s account in a shared way, and YouTuber does not have access to the AdSense account.

If the Google AdSense account is blocked due to the application of Google regulations or the application of cruel sanctions or the laws of the third country where the Google AdSense account is registered or any other title that is beyond the authority of Afrak Group, and the amount is blocked, and as a result, the ability to generate income of the connected channels If that AdSense account is disabled, Afrak Group is not responsible for compensating YouTubers by providing documents related to account blocking and balance.

Intellectual Property

All contents of Adymob website belong to Adymob company and are subject to domestic and international intellectual property laws. Therefore, the right to prosecute when observing any use of them for commercial and non-commercial purposes, without receiving written permission, is reserved for Adymob.

Unforeseen cases and events (force majeure)

In case of incidents that are out of the control of Adymob website officials or users, there will be no responsibility for the obligations stated in this contract. These incidents include things such as fire, earthquake, power outage, network outage, internet communication lines, flood, etc.