Career Opportunities

Motion graphic designer

As a motion graphic designer, in addition to mastering After Effects and Illustrator software, you must also master creative and dynamic design in order to be successful in designing and making motion graphics for reputable brands.

Support specialist

As an exhibitor support expert, in addition to mastering the skill of communicating with customers, you must have relative familiarity with the internet and online advertising, site design and construction, and the ability to process and analyze data and report.

Media buyer

As a media buyer, you need to help complete the collection’s advertising portfolio according to the tastes of the online advertising market. Knowing the advertising market and negotiation skills are the first words for you, who are media buyers.

Project manager

As a project manager, in addition to mastering the concepts of advertising, as well as being familiar with the online space and its media, and the type of professional interaction with customers in the field of budgeting and managing the implementation of campaigns, and tracking and monitoring the outputs related to each project, you must also Be capable.

Web designer and developer

As a web designer and developer, in addition to mastering Photoshop, IIILustrator, InDesign, you must master PHP, HTML, MySQL, CSS, jQuery in order to be able to play an effective role in the implementation, promotion and production of new collection products. .

Campaign designer and planner

As a designer and campaign planner, you must have creative plans for online campaigns according to the needs of customers and with the help of market research. Implementing these ideas and presenting them properly is one of the skills you are expected to have.