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The top rank on Google is reserved for your website! Advertising on Google can yield a high return on investment at a very low cost, especially for online stores. Google Ads provides real-time access to site entry and sales statistics. Adymob, the online advertising agency, offers free management of Google advertising campaigns. By advertising on Google, you can position yourself as the first choice for users.

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What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, is Google’s advertising platform. It allows website advertisements to appear on Google’s search engine, YouTube, Google Play, App Store, and partner websites under Google’s ad network. Business owners should select the appropriate ad type based on the services their website offers. Adymob’s experts provide free advertising advice to help businesses make the best choice for their ads. For further details on the various advertising positions, please refer to Google Video.

Adymob Online Advertising Agency: Google’s Top Partner

As a result of the trust placed in us by our loyal customers, we attained the status of Google’s top partner in 2022! AdiMob was awarded the Google Premier Partner badge in recognition of our extensive experience in managing professional Google ads and the dedicated support we receive from Google. We are delighted to announce that, in 2023, we have once again achieved the position of Google’s top partner.

Advantages of Premier Partner over Regular Partner:

  • Exclusive invitations to specialized Google events
  • Direct support from the Google support team
  • Access to advanced and exclusive training

Types of Google advertising platforms




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Where are Google Ads ads displayed?

By advertising on Google, you have the chance to be the first link in the results of millions of daily Google searches that take place in our country, by ordering Google clicks. That’s exactly when customers need your services!

Google has advertising space on more than 2 million websites and applications. By advertising on the Google Display Network, you have the chance to show your ads to more than 90% of Internet users around the world!

Why choose Adymob for advertising on Google?

All Google Ads campaigns are managed by Adymob’s experienced experts for free. Adymob online advertising agency is in direct contact with Google managers and experts due to being Google’s premier partner, that’s why campaigns managed in Afrak have always been the most profitable for businesses.

The condition for the presence of account managers in Adymob is to pass the Google AdWords exam, as a result, all Adymob campaign managers have a Google AdWords Certificate. For this reason, the number of businesses that trust Adymob is increasing day by day. Adymob experts bring very high returns to sites with low budget.

Adymob creates a dedicated account for users who want to manage their own advertising campaigns and helps them manage their advertising better with free expert advice.

To better manage your ads, we participate in specialized Google events. Google advertising agency adymob has received the Google Premier Partner badge for several years due to the trust of its customers. We all grow together, as adymob experts progress, advertising campaigns will grow.

Google advertising agency Adymob charges the lowest fees compared to other competitors, and with free campaign management, it is the best choice for running Google ads.

What is the advantage of Google Ads advertising for businesses?

Accurate targeting

With Google AdWords ads, you can target your potential customers based on geographic location, age, gender, search terms, and interests. With accurate targeting, you will show your services exactly to those who are looking for them.

Instant report

After running Google Ads ads, you can view the Google Ads campaign report in detail at any time and increase or decrease your budget.

Display free ads

Pay only for each user's click by advertising on Google! In fact, you do not pay for the display and awareness of your brand! Google advertising campaigns accurately target potential customers, and each click will reduce your budget.

How is the cost of advertising in Google calculated?

With every keyword search in Google, you will be shown relevant results. If the searched word matches the keywords selected in your Google AdWords ad, your ad will enter the Google AdWords auction. The cost of advertising in Google is determined based on the ranking of the advertisement and its quality score.

In general, the cost of advertising in Google depends on the following factors;

Advertising tariff in Google


300 dirhams

More features:


2000 dirhams

More features:


10,000 dirhams

More features:



More features:



More features:



More features:


2000 lira

More features:


13,000 lira

More features:


65,000 liras

More features:

Adymob online advertising agency is Google's top partner

Due to the trust of our dear customers, we became Google’s top partner in 2022! Google’s Premier Partner badge has been awarded to AdiMob due to its extensive experience in conducting professional Google ads and detailed support from Google. We are proud to announce that in 2023 we became Google’s top partner again.

Advantages of Premier Partner over regular partner

  • Being invited to specialized Google events
  • Direct support from the Google support team
  • Access to advanced and exclusive training

Adymob numbers to date

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We have experienced

4.85+ billion views

Ads by Adymob customers

11+ million advertising dollars

We have managed

47 thousand+ customers

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The cost of each click is calculated based on 3 factors. 1. The level of competition: Considering that advertising in Google is an auction, in order to have a better position, it is necessary to pay more than other competitors. 2. The amount of search terms: the higher the search volume of the desired keywords per month, the lower the cost per click. 3. Quality score: Google gives a score to the ad and the site, the higher the quality score, the lower the cost of each click.

According to Google’s auction system, if there is competition, eventually Google converts the cost of all competitors into a single currency and determines the cost of each click based on this. Therefore, there is no difference between currencies and an account will be created if you prefer any currency. Google advertising agency Adymob charges your accounts in dollars, liras, dirhams and euros.

Competition is not only measured by sites that use Google AdWords. Rather, sites that have good SEO are also considered your competitors, and generally, when sites that have very good SEO, such as Wikipedia, are your SEO competitors, the cost of each click will be high.

Depending on the amount of charge, monthly search, the cost of each click of the advertising time frame is different, but you can manage your expenses by setting a daily budget.