Cashing in the AdMob income

Google AdMob A tool to earn money from the application

Google AdMob serves as an intermediary service for application owners. It connects advertisers with app displayers and offers comprehensive reporting and analytics that advertisers require. As a developer, once you’ve integrated AdMob into your app, your one and only focus will be monitoring your AdMob earnings. AdMob has addressed this concern by providing a highly professional dashboard for your convenience.

Steps to earn money with Google AdMob

Step 1

App Evaluation

The application you intend to earn money from must be registered on Google Play or the App Store, and it should have reached a minimum of 5,000 installations. Please note that applications that are unofficial version of other apps are not approved.

Step 2

Create Google AdMob Access

At this stage, you will need to provide the necessary access to Adymob experts to establish the connection between the Google AdMob service and your application.

Step 3

Earn Dollars

Once everything is set up, you are ready to start earning dollars from your app. After deducting a 20% fee, you can cash out and receive your earnings.”

Why choose Adymob?

Depending on legitimate intermediaries to cash out your Google AdMob earnings may protect you from fraud and prevent loss of your earnings. Instead, you can rely on Adymob as a trusted and legal intermediary.

By leveraging the expertise of Adymob experts in the specialized field of earning with Google AdMob, you can boost your income.

During the last week of every month, your income will be regularly and quickly deposited into your account, with the guarantee of the lowest fee deduction.

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Google Admob is an app monetization platform for developers and app creators. This platform maximizes the value of each ad and visit by combining the three factors of global advertisers, creative ad formats, and advanced ad monetization technology.

AdMob’s pricing strategies are as follows: per click on the ad (CPC); per 1000 views (CPM) per in-app interaction (CPE) such as the first in-app purchase; These methods can be used in combination. The highest amount of earning is done through CPC and CPM strategies.

Advertising in AdMob is a time-consuming process and you can register your request after receiving a free consultation.

The more users who use your app and the more time users interact with your app, the higher your income will be. Of course, other factors such as the IP of users and the category of your application are also influential